Friday, August 19, 2016

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Laughter effects Traditional Definitions:

Risk knowledge: 

When one of my daughters begins a sentence, “Mom, I never told you this, but when I was in high school, and you and Dad were playing golf. . . “

Benign growth:

I don’t have a terminal illness.

Drive the bottom line:

Following the closest white line on the pavement .

East To Fake


What he thinks he has.

Emerging markets:

A bunch of grocery stores in sight.


When I’m losing most of the arguments.


The nasty message I wrote to my ex to which he has not responded for four years.

Tax free:

No such thing.

Cut bait:

Fishing prep

Positive return:

When I get back from shopping with more than 3 bags.


The way my Dad used to dress to go out on a date.


Something happening in football with arrows on the screen.

Well, I guess I didn’t quite get the whole message at last night’s UBS seminar. And what about the couple across from us who kept whispering through the entire presentation. I can never decide whether that behavior is ignorant or arrogant. They need to listen up, because as you can see, they missed a lot.