Monday, September 19, 2016

Every three I reinvent
my Self both in and out
I push the bar up one small notch
to see what life’s about.

Three years seems the right amount
to try things all brand new
meditate and learn some jazz
I’ll have done it all when through.

What new attitude can I take
how to keep my smile
how not to lose my spirit strong
when things fall in a pile?

No one knows how many days
we’re given on this planet 
I do not wish to waste my hours
worrying about my granite.

What shall I do that I’ve not tried?
out of comfort stepping?
talk to homeless? adopt a frog?
old people’s groceries schlepping?

Today I’ll try a pause or two
to think about my passion
how will it improve a life
or heal in some new fashion?

It’s Reinvent times four today
three years in each short quarter
help a stranger, make a mark
I think that’s what’s in order.

Leave a legacy, touch a life
that’s what it’s all about
What can you do, yes, you out there
why not go find out?