Wednesday, September 7, 2016


     A fascinating conversation with a new friend last night touched my sole. It began with my complaint about having to wash all our new tile floors. I told her I really didn’t feel like washing floors anymore and that maybe I would hire someone to do the dirty work. I asked her if she had help cleaning her house. She told me that she is a “neat freak,” and she didn’t want anyone coming into her home to clean it. I agreed, but lamented that if I didn’t do it myself, I was left with nagging Mr. Wonderful. “Trust me,” I quipped. “You don’t ever want to nag Mr. Wonderful.”She laughed and said that she and her husband take off their shoes before entering their home, and they ask all guests to do the same. This way, there is considerably less dirt, and her job washing all the floors on hands and knees is less daunting. Never being one to remove my stilettos before their time and explaining that my shoes were part of my image, I listened as she explained her rationale. She went on to describe all the things people step on and in during the day. She gasped, “Do you want people bringing that into your house?” I flinched and said, “Ohmygosh! No, of course not.” She said she and Mr. Neat Freak  have indoor shoes and outdoor shoes. I thought for a moment and said, “What about going in and out of the lanai? She said, “Do you realize all the little pieces of dirt and stones you are brining in on your new tile?” I thought, “Oh no. I’m ruining our new floors.” At the end of the discussion, I realized I had two choices: designate three different sets of shoes:  one set for outside, one for inside and one for the lanai. This issue was becoming more complicated and expensive as we continued. I decided to abandon the three-category shoe choice and hire the cleaning ladies once a week instead of once a month.

Three categories choice:

Pink:  Outdoor shoes
Turquoise:  Lanai shoes
Black:  Indoor Shoes