Thursday, September 22, 2016

     Oh, FOO! FOO is at the root of all good and evil. Every human being has a FOO. All FOOs have voices. Some inspire us; others haunt us. It is almost impossible to silence the voices, even when we know and understand their intentions. We are all part of a FOO, and we give birth to a FOO. FOO WHO? FOO TWO. 

     All right. That’s enough. So what is a FOO? Your FOO is your Family Of Origin. It is made up of your mother and father and their FOOs; their parents, your grandparents, their parents, your great-grand-parents, etc. Someone may have said to you at some point,  “You have your grandfather’s temperament.” or “You sound just like your mother.” Depending upon how those messages were intended, you will react a certain way. If you hated your mother, then you would probably cringe if someone said that. If dear old grandpa was an easy-going lovable guy, then you would smile and be happy to hear such a statement. 

     Why do we care about our FOOs? What does that have to do with us and our present FOO (FOO TWO)? In order to begin this conversation, take the following FOO Self-Test. There are no right or wrong answers, and there is no psychological mumbo jumbo to tell you that you are better or worse based on them. The purpose of this true/false test is to ask yourself certain questions that will give you an idea of whether your FOO has served you well or not, and if not, what you might consider doing about it.

Self Test: 

  1. My parents are/were the most important people in my life. 
  2. My parents helped me to be a successful person.
  3. My parents gave me little guidance.
  4. My parents were nurturing and selfless.
  5. My parents made me work for everything I got.
  6. My parents gave me everything a kid could want.
  7. My parents controlled me.
  8. My parents ignored me.
  9. My parents sacrificed for me.
  10. My parents were my role models.
  11. My parents are the reason I feel confident.
  12. My parents are the reason I am insecure.
  13. My parents loved me unconditionally.
  14. My parents were strict.
  15. My parents were very lenient.


Now take the same test and answer it as if you were one of your own children. Then ask yourself what conclusions you may draw based on your analysis of both tests.