Thursday, September 1, 2016

     Today, I invite you to listen to a radio broadcast featuring Michael Gurian, my daughter's boss and my daughter, Katey, talking about boys and how their brains are differnt than girls'. If you are a parent, this is a must hear. If you are a woman, you will understand the men in your life better, and if you are a grandparent of a boy, it will help you understand his behavior.

     I am very proud of my daughter, Katey, who is the Executive Director of the Michael Gurian Institute whose mission is to educate teachers to use teaching strategies that maximize the brain functions of each sex, K-12. The focus is strongly on understanding the difference between the male and female brain and how that understanding will affect the way boys learns. The work of Michael Gurian, a New York Times bestselling author of over 25 books, offers statistics and practical startegies for both teachers and parents in raising healthy, well-adjusted, successful young men. Some of the stats are mind-boggling.

     I was fascinated by the discussion of the politics around the lack of  funding for boys, the brain science behind how they are actually wired and simple things that we as parents and grand-parents can learn to help them. For example, boys account for five times as many discipline referrals as girls at the elementary level alone, and 70% of crimes are committed by males.

Take a listen. Fast forward through the first 7-8 minutes which advertise an upcoming Summit. If you don't have time to listen to it all, save it. It's well worth hearing.