Monday, September 12, 2016

     I love this little poster. The question on this lazy Monday morning is which topic to address: strength, suffering, sadness, loss, rain. None of these sound very uplifting, so I'll go with dancing.

     I used to love to dance. Do you dance? What dances do you do? Does your spouse or S.A. like to dance? If you're a couple who dance, you're probably in the minority, as it's usually one or the other who prefers to tap her toes.

     I want to learn the tango and be the first 80-year-old on Dancing With the Stars. This will only happen if I learn by myself, as Mr. Wonderful does not have this anywhere on his bucket list. Other items top his list such as: cleaning the garage and buying a P51-Mustang.

     The tango is such a sexy dance, and the best part is the outfit. The men who dance the tango are probably just perverts who like driving the woman's body in all different directions so they can enjoy the scenery. There aren't many men capable of doing this in a graceful way, so that's why you don't see ads for male dance shoes on city billboards.

     I love to close my eyes and imagine being whisked around a dance floor in my elegant, clingy gown, my body bent backwards exposing my rib cage and revealing the shape of my giraffe limbs.
Ah, it would be so beautiful, so fluid, so never-gonna-happen.

    Oh, well. Maybe I need to talk about loss. Happy Monday.