Tuesday, September 13, 2016

     In seven days, I will have written and published 900 blogs. I know that’s not a big deal to the average Joe, but to yours truly, this is quite a feat. Yup. For a person who wrote a poem at age 13 and was told she couldn’t write for shit, and who grew up with a writing inferiority complex until the age of 37, this is a big deal.  The fact that my blog has enjoyed over 55,000 views is an effen miracle. Yay, moi. My plan was to write this blog until October of 2016, the three-year goal. (I do everything in 3s. Well, almost everything). Regardless of what I decide a week from now at 900 essays or what I choose to do October 1st, I need to think about what the next seven days will bring to my readers. What did they enjoy most? What did they find funniest? What did they find most inspiring? I have no idea, as I don’t have a comment button so I don’t even know who is reading these choice pieces of random wit and wisdom. I do know that a very close friend reads them daily, and she always comments on them in some humorous or clever way in her weekly emails to me. So, here is my guess as to the categories my readers like best:

1.  Adventures about Mr. Wonderful and how he lives with the Queen Energizer Bunny.
2.  Pictures of my kids and grand-kids and what hilarious things they are doing and saying.
            3.  Stories that show that “human” is ok.
            4.  Stories that show vulnerability and resilience.
            5.  Stories that prove we need to take ourselves less seriously
            6.  Stories that show how we never stop learning.

     So here are some random observations from the tiny desk:

  1. People who spit out of their windows at the ATM should be bound and gagged.
  2. People who love you just the way you are and celebrate your friendship should be canonized.  
  3. People who posture over 40 should grow up.
  4. People who apologize at the beach for playing their music too loud should be hugged.
  5. People who fight for a cause should be applauded.
  6. People who talk softly in romantic restaurants should be given gift certificates.
  7. People who say your name when they speak to you should be praised.
  8. People who pull in front of you and go 20 mph should have their licenses revoked.
  9. People who fart and smirk should know I have their car keys.
  10. People who clean up the kitchen should know there’s a special place for them up there.

What observations have you made in the past few weeks? Anything I should know about? Do you find yourself motivated by others’ stories of success or failure, frustration or celebration? If you get bored reading my blog, try my daughter’s Katey From the Block. She’s incredible. 

Photo:  Katey speaking to parents about the dangers of
cyber bullying and apps that put kids in dangerous situations.