Friday, September 30, 2016

     Wading through my blog file in an attempt to find an inspiring message for this Friday morning, the 14th Friday since we moved to Florida, I found this choice little number. It inspires me. How about you? 

     As a performer, I know that courage; that is, faith in myself, is something that some people just take for granted. Still others don’t attempt anything out of their comfort zone for fear of failure. For me, I go in and out of faith in myself, but I do know that when I’m facing something uncomfortable, I look back at my successes. They buoy me. I look back at my failed attempts, and I remind myself that I have bounced back despite tantrums, tears and temporary rage. I am resilient, even though it doesn’t feel like it when things get tough.
     Moving to a new state in my “golden years” took courage and great emotional energy. I didn’t want to leave my comfort place, our beautiful home, my cherished friends who were my support system and cheerleaders. I knew that there would one day be new friends, new safe and happy places and a new home that would ground me. Four months ago, I was kicking my feet saying, “No, No, NO!” Here I am 14 weeks later, smiling from curl to curl. Every morning the frog chorale awakens me, and the sunshine streams through the bedroom window. I look out at beautiful trees, a lovely frog pond with diamond sparkles dancing on it, and I thank God for the rays that welcome me to our new home. 

     Don’t think I’m bragging. It is not always sunny here. The storms scare the hell out of us. The thunder is so loud and the lightning so bright, I want to hide under the bed. (I can’t though because there is crap under there that won’t fit in the storage-less home we’ve purchased.)
I am not all sunshine, nor is Mr. Wonderful. We take ourselves wherever we go, and those storms sometimes sneak up on us when we’re least expecting them. But, over all, we are loving our new J.I.P. (Jewel In Progress). 

     I have some new challenges facing me, however, that will require some major “faith in myself.” I have signed up to give a humorous speech for my new Advanced Toastmaster Club. Why humorous? Only because that’s the manual I’ve already started, and I only have three speeches left to give before I reach the next certification. Why would I choose the Humorous manual to begin with? That’s really the best question. Answer: I’m stupid. I thought I could deliver some funny rhetoric. Maybe not. Yesterday’s Lifelong Learning course instructor, though, gave me what I need. One sentence he quoted gave me the seed to find my faith. “Some people say funny things; others say things funny.” Yup, I can do that. I am not funny, but I can make myself look funny, and I can certainly devise ways to deliver my message in funny ways. So, voilà: “faith in myself.” How do I know I can do this? Because I tortured thousands of students with this skill for over 30 years. 

     So do you wake up every morning with faith in yourself? Do you even think about it? Probably not. If you lack faith, how do you find it? If there’s a manual on how to do this, I will buy it. If not, maybe I need to poll all of you and write it myself. In the meantime, I will begin preparing my November speech entitled: “Spray on Confidence: The Revolutionary New Must-Have Product.” Stay tuned.