Wednesday, September 28, 2016

     What a strange and amazing few days I’ve had. It’s funny how nothing goes on for a while, and then suddenly all kinds of things happen at once.

     In the past few days, a friend’s 96-year-old mother fell and broke a second hip. Another friend called tonight to tell me he is being honored as “Man of the Year” in his organization.  My daughter was on television being interviewed about the dangers of social media apps, and my other daughter called to say she had just tried acupuncture for the first time. 

     Reading my face book posts, I came upon an exceptionally long one that began with the notice in all caps DEEP BREATH. This was from a former student who was relating the tragic news about his ten-year-old son’s diagnosis with a crippling disease that currently has no cure. With his post, he included a u-tube video narrated by the son explaining the complicated disease. He spoke about his diagnosis with humor and even included video clips from the Internet. Oh, my. I almost lost it watching him. Such courage and poise for a little kid. 

     Another friend called this morning to say that she misses me, and that finding connections like we have is difficult. I said, “Yes, I get that,” as I have just moved to a new state where I knew only three people, so I know that it can be lonely when your close friends are not there to share things. 

    Mr. Wonderful called to ask directions to our first class in the Lifelong Learning Academy we are attending here. By happenstance, the Director answered the phone. They spoke about our experience and passion for lifelong learning, and she will meet us for lunch next week to talk about how we can volunteer for her program. This is just what we’re looking for. If we had just put the address in the GPS, we would never have connected with her.

    Funny how our lives can change in a moment. Not always ha ha funny, though, and it reminds me of how fragile life is, and how we must embrace every painless, stress-free moment. 

     I looked down at my fingers today, and I saw that they are getting more and more crooked. They aren’t stiff or sore, but I know something’s going on that is not good. I am therefore realizing that my practicing must continue if I am to perform one more of my one-woman shows. As Robin Williams said in his famous Dead Poet’s Society, “carpe diem.” 

     Such banal phrases like “You can’t take it with you,” “live it up while you can,” may be banal, but they are true. Do you remember how one day you felt great, and the next day you were flat on your back with the flu? Bad stuff comes from nowhere, and sometimes we can’t prevent it. What we can prevent is regret that we didn’t enjoy the good stuff when we were able. I’m going to get a cookie and practice my scales. How about you?