Thursday, September 1, 2016

     Yesterday, my daughter and I decided to write a book. We’ve made this decision before, but neither of us has followed up. Have you ever made up your mind to do something you were really excited about, and then, it just fizzled? How does this happen? Life gets in the way, of course. So how do we pursue major projects like this? One paragraph at a time. Whatever your project is—just take the first tiny step or do it for 5 minutes. It really works. I am sure that my daughter will have a difficult time pursuing this project, as she works full time and juggles her responsibilities of a single mom of four little girls and Lord knows how many other projects. I do not have this excuse. I have as much time as I choose to follow up, so I am writing this with an audience to promise myself that I will not procrastinate; I will start today.

     Here is my simple plan:

  1. Write a one or two sentence purpose for the book.
  2. Figure out my target audience.
  3. Outline how many chapters and their messages.
  4. Write the first paragraph DRAFT.
  5. Propose a first-step marketing plan.
  6. Make myself accountable to someone (You’re it.)

     So why should you care about me writing my book? Because it might just inspire you to start a project you’ve been thinking about and have put aside because you don’t have time. What would you have to give up to find the time to start that project?  Ten minutes on face book per day? Ten minutes reading your favorite magazine? Five minutes on the phone? Ten minutes writing emails? The bottom line is simply: How badly do you want to do this?

     I do most things in threes. Three is my lucky number. I have written two books. I need to write number three. I have given two performances of my one-woman show. I need to present number three. I have enjoyed two retirement careers. I need to find one more. So here goes.

     Paragraph One: DRAFTS I and II


     If a camera crew showed up on your doorstep to tape a typical day of your life, what would you NOT want them to see? What behavior might they witness that would embarrass or shame you? What emotions would be evident in this slice of life recording that would reveal the parts of you or your family that you would like to change? If your life isn’t the way you wish it was, then maybe you are suffering from FOO. This purpose of this book is to identify how to create a FOO II; the legacy of your family that you want to leave your children and society. So what’s FOO? 


     FOO II. In French, it’s “foutu.” The French word means “fucked up.” There are other synonyms, but basically, this is the meaning of the word. If it’s pronounced with a bad French accent it sounds like FOO II. So are you “foutu?” If so, why, and what can you do about it? 
“Foutu” is a condition that reveals our “hard-wiring.” What behaviors do you own that are “hard-wired?” Do you lose your temper easily? Do you withdraw in certain kinds of situations? Do you feel inferior or unworthy in certain arenas? If so, that is your “hard-wiring.” The purpose of this book is to identify your hard-wiring triggers and help you create a FOO II of which you will be proud. So what’s FOO? And who is “II?”

     Do I have your attention?