Sunday, October 23, 2016

     People are so strange. I love people. They give me food for thought and a treasure trove of material for my morning blog. 

     Last night, we had dinner with neighbors who are becoming new friends. They are considerably younger than us, but we all seem to have such a great time together. We talk woman to woman, man to man and even man to woman. This is a wonderful thing. They are interested in many of the same things we are, and yet they have many different experiences to share as well as their unique perspective on life.

     The wife said to me, “They say that people make their impressions of you in less than three minutes.” I replied, “I absolutely believe that.” A few minutes later, a woman approached the table. No one knew her, including our friend (the husband) whom she apparently recognized from his former life with wife #1. This woman introduced herself to us as if she were on stage. She talked about herself for at least five minutes, never once making specific eye contact with any of us.I thought to myself, “It’s women like you who make all of us look like motor mouths who have nothing to do but ramble on and take up space.” After she left, I looked at my new friend and said, “Three minutes. Nope. Three seconds.” She laughed and revealed that it was obvious that her husband had no idea who this woman was, and that the whole thing was awkward. I suppose if I were compassionate, I would feel sorry for such a woman who is so clueless that she would interrupt someone else’s dinner and deliver a narcissistic one-woman show. What is wrong with people?  

     My new friend and I chatted about so many topics, all of which were stimulating and led to others. We spoke of travel, attitude, fitness, career, holidays, learning, music, human nature and crock pots. The connection was immediate when we met this couple, and I had equally stimulating conversations with the husband. Part of the excitement and challenge of moving to another state late in life where you know no one is meeting people. It doesn’t matter if we become lifelong friends with this darling duo; we had a wonderful evening sharing things that made us laugh, nod and roll our eyes. I love people.