Thursday, October 27, 2016

     My daughter sent me an article about blogging. The blogger wrote that people aren’t interested in my problems; they will only read what will solve their own. As I don’t know your problems, and I’m not on demand on the problem-solving circuit, I can only guess what issues you all may be facing. Are you over-worked? Do you need more exercise? Are you trying to lose weight before the holidays so you can indulge in sugar and alcohol? Are your kids driving you nuts? Are you fighting physical pain and stress while dealing with life’s daily
junk? If so, you’re not alone. I do know that anyone who thinks they are immune is fooling himself. We all take our turns, and if you’ve led a charmed life with no problems, consider yourself either very lucky or naive.

     If you’ve never had a problem, a worry, a bad day or a time in your life where you had trouble coping, then I can’t be your friend; I can’t even relate to you. I can only relate to humans, and humans all experience the above. Mr. Wonderful gets angry when these things happen. So now he’s added anger to whatever the issue was, and he’s dealing with a double issue. No one says that only certain people can get sick or sick and tired. We all must endure. Endurance is the key, and it’s what we all must learn to do early in our lives to get through the shit. They need to start teaching this in kindergarten. Maybe there should be a course called “Preschool Life Endurance Tools.” As 3-year-olds are tech savvy, it would be right up their alley.

     So today’s question is:  What do you do to endure? What do you do so whatever negative is gripping you doesn’t swallow you up?  Do you have an endurance tool box? If not, I highly recommend you create one. I never did until I had to set a timer to get through each ten minutes of my day. The anxiety was so bad, I thought I would lose it. I didn’t because I found ways to cope, and those are the tools in my Endurance box. 

Top tools:

1.  physical exercise
2.  losing self in some activity (reading, writing, watching movies, cleaning drawers, planning an imaginary trip. . .
3.  keeping so busy you can’t think about what is trying to tear you apart. 

     These tools were in addition to losing myself in my work, overworking and avoiding toxic people. If your negative happens after you’ve retired or if you’re unemployed, you have to be even more creative in order to deal with endless hours of unstructured time.

     This is not about me; it’s about you. It’s about me only in that I offer my own tools for you to try or add to your tool box. Sharing the successful strategies with others who may be dealing with devastating news or physical pain will help buoy your own spirits as well as helping others.

     I used to think that endurance was what you did while waiting for life to resume it’s natural flow. Endurance is life; in fact, I often wonder if we endure more than anything else. If you have endured this blog; you have taken the first step. Bravo.