Wednesday, October 26, 2016

     I met a woman at a Newcomers Meeting last week who said, “I don’t have a sense of humor.” I laughed. Last night, I attended another meeting with about 75 people in
attendance. People laughed frequently at things I didn’t find the least bit amusing, much less worth an audible chuckle. Laughter is so subjective, and as I get ready to sign up for the Comedy Boot Camp, I wonder how I will survive the 5-minute stand-up required at the end of the workshop. When I think about that, I shudder, but then I think, “At my age, if I crash and burn, who the hell cares?” Will they write on my tombstone, “She wasn’t really that funny?”

         One woman ran around the stage like an idiot, flailing her arms and carrying on until I could hardly watch. She won the award. 

     I competed in my flight of 4 speakers (1-2 minute spontaneous speaking), and I thought, “I nailed this one.” Wrong. The woman who won my flight was a professional speaker who has been on the circuit for 30 years. What was I doing next to her? Now that’s laughable.

     I wrote two humorous books a couple of years ago. I had them published, as I knew no self-respecting publishing house was going to come running for my rhetoric. I sold about 350 copies total. No one warned me about the cost of marketing or the fallout for feckless. That’s not laughable. I’m writing my third and final book now, and I have no intention of marketing it, as I don’t care to put myself through that rejection routine again. Just think, though, 350 people might have gotten a chuckle just at the moment they were ready to take themselves out. We never know how our words will resonate with someone else.

     I envy people who think everything is funny. Just think about how their serotonin is soaring, their spirits shining and their lives enriched by the smile. Lucky them. Are you one of them? Do you make people laugh? If so, we need you. Keep doing what you’re doing, and let’s make this universe shimmy with silly.