Friday, October 28, 2016



     Yesterday, I was so thrilled to receive an email from a former student, now a father of four teen-agers and a successful businessman living out west. Little did I know over 20 years ago that the young people sitting before me would be scattered all over the globe, many doing wonderful things, particularly modeling selfless parenting. At the end of his message, he said that he enjoyed my writing as it made him feel good. Not only did that make my day, but I was touched that he would take the time to write and catch me up on his life of the last 20+ years. 

     If one person who reads my blog each day gets a fresh perspective, feels better, becomes energized, feels validated, smiles over a frown, or says, “Damn! If she can do that at her age, why am I sitting here?” then the joy of my writing triples. 

     My mantra (that I made up all by myself, not stolen from Mother Theresa, the Dali Lama or Oprah) Laughter is Contagious, Spread the Virus, holds true any day. But there are other things that are contagious like energy, wisdom, kindness. What do you model that might be contagious? We all have our own energy, our own aura that we leave in our dust when we walk away. What’s yours? What are people left thinking after they’ve met you for the first time? What are your friends saying to themselves as they watch you walk away? What’s your mantra? Do you need a new one? 

     BTW, not bragging or anything, but I can still fit in the socks I wore when I was twelve. (I stole this).