Saturday, October 22, 2016

                    Uncharted Territory

     Are you territorial? Do you resent it when you’re sitting comfortably in the sweet little space you’ve created at the beach.and, suddenly, some family of 12 hoists a tent four feet from your beach chair? There are four miles of sand for them to park, but they choose to roost smack dab next to you. Does this irritate you?

     What about when you’re in the check-out line, and some grungy looking character pulls his cart up right behind you—so close you can feel his bad breath on your shoulder. Does this bother you?

     We have a new home with all kinds of privacy which we have been thoroughly enjoying for almost four months. Our pool is hidden from the neighbors on one side, and on the other side, the neighbors haven’t yet moved in. They live out-of-state. We were told they weren’t going to retire and move in for at least a year and a half. Oh no, they’ve changed their minds? They’re coming in March? Oh drat. Now they are lovely people, and it’s their house which they bought long before we bought ours, so we are powerless to do or say a word. Why would we? There are approximately 60 feet between our houses. The truth is, however, that our privacy will certainly be compromised. They have already ordered new trees to hide their pool which we can barely see, and we’ve done the same. The noise factor,however, is another story. We don’t hear a single voice now. All they have to do is utter one syllable, and we will probably hear it. Are we territorial? You bet your life we are. So we will relish every private moment we have for the next four months and hope that they speak in low decibels. Will the Big Guy punish me for saying this? Probably. 

     How about you? Are you territorial? What does this say about us? Not going there.

(Don't you dare sit anywhere close to me. This is my space:)