Monday, October 3, 2016

The Week-end in Photos

Caution to Readers:  There is no profound message or gut-busting humor here. It's just a taste of "This Is Us."

Little by little, the house is taking shape. New couch comes Tuesday, window treatments still a few weeks away. Crown molding not in budget, but Fifi is stealing money from the grocery budget to make it happen. What's the use of flank steak when you can look up and see 4" painted wood strips?

Red Tide wasn't cool, but it gave us the entire beach to ourselves. The sun still shone, and the blue sky still embraced. The birds, the birds were nuts. We felt like we were in a Hitchcock movie. Energized by it all, we headed to our favorite breakfast spot for hugs from the owner and wait staff. It's like going to your grandma's, this place. Love it!

First dinner with friends, the ones who got us to move down here. They are so generous. They even bought us a housewarming gift. Fun conversation in our new dining room sans cornices.

Exhausted from all this fun, we were forced to collapse on the lanai, admire the puffy clouds and dip in the pool. Water is cooling as temperatures begin to drop. Hard to believe you can actually shiver in Florida, but it's true.

Mr. Wonderful falls asleep everywhere we go. Too much tennis, methinks. I was right behind him with all the delicious sunshine. I need to invest in the 30+ sunscreen company though.

As usual, just when Mr. Wonderful is set to put the meat/fish on the grill, the storm clouds appear, the wind starts howling, and the sky roars and pours. As soon as we sit down to dinner, it stops, and the sun comes back out.

Watched Secrets and Lies. Do you notice any of these in this post? Do you have secrets? Who would you share them with?