Sunday, October 16, 2016

Things I Miss from my Youth:
  1. crayolas
  2. Red Rover in the street with my friends
  3. Dressing up and going Trick or Treating
  4. The magic of believing in Santa Claus
  5. my grandma
  6. the first smell of the Christmas tree
  7. grandma’s homemade Swedish coffee bread
  8. eating ice cream by the half gallon
  9. road trips with my family
  10. my Aunt Dorothy who lived in a big house in Traverse City, Michigan across from a big farm
  11. listening to Elvis on my 78s
  12. dancing in Fran Pallarchio’s basement to her 45 collection
  13. practicing for the school spelling bee with my Dad
  14. watching “I Remember Mama” on TV.
  15. going to the Thanksgiving Day parade in from of Hudsons in downtown Detroit
  16. watching Annette Funnicello on American Dance Party with Dick Clark (?)
  17. Toasted Almonds from the Good Humor Man
  18. malted milk balls
  19. my stilts (I’m still walking on them, though)
  20. playing with my Slinky on the stairway
  21. buying new school clothes in the fall with my mom
  22. trusting authority figures
  23. wearing white gloves and patent leather shoes with lace-trimmed anklets
  24. the thrill of a new boyfriend
  25. my first recital in front of over 100 people at the Detroit Art Institute  
  26. feeling financially secure without having to work
  27. playing doctor in the fruit cellar with Richie Gray (age 6)
  28. riding the bus alone to downtown Detroit (age 9)
  29. having long talks with my Dad 
  30. drinking so much Coke that I acted high (age 13)  
  31. not having to vote
32.  not having any responsibilities
33.  harmonizing with my Dad
34.  playing the piano for my grandma and seeing tears in her eyes
35.  paint by number
36.  eating chocolate chip cookie dough
37.  earning Girl Scout badges
38.  talking on the phone with the 50 foot cord 
39.  not having to suck in my stomach
40.  making snow angels and eating the snow

What do you miss? What will your kids miss?