Saturday, October 29, 2016

'What the research shows is if we push away thoughts and emotions, they will come back magnified. For example, there is a study that shows what happened when someone who was trying to give up smoking tried not to think about cigarettes. What happened? They started to dream about cigarettes. This is a phenomenon which in psychology is called “leakage.” It is literally the idea that when you try not to think about something, that thing comes back, but amplified. So the idea that we could somehow push our emotions aside to be happy doesn’t make sense."

     From an interview with a Harvard psychologist who has recently written a book about denying negative emotions.

 You know what? It doesn’t take a degree from Harvard to figure this out. This woman is going to make a small fortune selling her damned book, when I have experienced this with a minimum of 763 pairs of stilettos in my day. I have leaked enough to float a battleship.

     “Leak” shmeak. All she had to do was call me, and I could have given her this information 30 years ago. Better yet, I should have written the book myself, and I would have earned enough to buy the effen shoes.