Thursday, November 17, 2016

     There are bullies all around us. They aren’t just found on school playgrounds or in middle school locker rooms. The bullies I see range anywhere from 30-something to 70-something. See if you recognize any of them.

      You’re a bully if:

  1. You cut me off in traffic.
  2. You talk over me in a conversation.
  3. You interrupt me when I’m speaking.
  4. You pass me on the shoulder of the road.
  5. You step in front of me in a line.
  6. You race to take the parking spot I was waiting for.
  7. You say unkind things about other people.
  8. You one-up others.
  9. You brag. 
  10. You talk as if your way is the only way.
  11. You claim to be an expert on everything.
  12. You flaunt your money.
  13. You never ask a question because you’re too busy talking about yourself.
  14. You make fun of others.
  15. You have a closed mind.

     At the end of the day today, count how many bullies you’ve encountered. Ask yourself what you can do about it. Ask yourself how you react to this behavior. Does it make you mad or sad? Does it make you want to retaliate or ignore? Do you recognize this behavior in yourself at times? What makes people behave like this? The lecture we attended yesterday gave us the answer. Tune in tomorrow, and I’ll share what we heard.