Tuesday, November 29, 2016

     There are so many cultural treasures in our new home town. Today we visited one we’ve been to several times but one of which we never tire. This magnificent property in the heart of Sarasota offers so much to see and do. Set on several acres of banyan-treed, pond-adorned, magnificent architectural masterpieces, crowned with an historic home on the Sarasota Bay, one can wander for hours and just breathe in the beauty. There are several museums on the property which feature the exquisite collection of European and Asian art owned by John Ringling, a generous visionary who left his legacy for all to enjoy. 

     Here are a few photos which showcase the gorgeous architecture, lovely gardens and beautiful trees and sculptures throughout the grounds. Today, we visited the art galleries as well as a special exhibit of photographs by a Russian photographer who captured unforgettable moments of World War II. We wandered through a maize of ribbons which made us feel like we were in a fairyland, and we marveled at the fabulous art collection which included sculptures, art objects and an ornate grand piano built in the 19th century. We live here. So blessed!