Tuesday, November 22, 2016

     Many years ago on this day, (it was actually Thanksgiving that year) I gave birth to a bundle of Joy. She weighed in at over 9 pounds, but she’s been a Polly Pocket ever since. Boundless energy, a photographic memory, creative genes oozing from every pore, a smile that will melt your heart and a brain that won’t stop, my daughter, Katey, celebrates her birthday today.

     Now a single mom of 4 daughters who keep her hopping and thinking fast and furious how to stay ahead of their shenanigans, Katey spends her non-Mom time advocating for kids. She started out as a Spanish teacher, as I cautioned her that there may not be French jobs out there, she taught for years before becoming a school administrator. During her early years as an Assistant Principal in a middle school (I can’t imagine), she started her own business advocating for girls. Today as Executive Director of the Gurian Institute, she travels the country teaching educators how to identity the most effective methods of reaching boys, particularly middle school boys. Michael Gurian’s 25 books, years of research on the brain and his outstanding speaking skills have been Katey’s inspiration and guidance as she helps kids and parents succeed. In the meantime, she spends considerable time educating parents and kids about cyber safety. Keeping them up to date about the dangers of certain apps, she delivers the most current facts and research so we can keep our kids safe. As she writes articles, speaks on television, gives keynote addresses, I think to myself, “and you expect her to call you?” Thank goodness for texting. (ironic)

     Today, I am such a proud “Maman.” My girls have endured some difficult detours in their lives  because of some choices I made, but they have thrived and succeeded beyond my fondest dreams. Katey lights up a room, yet she is humble and very funny. Her life is a juggling routine, but she has created her own system of survival and achievement all the while loving her girls and her family wholeheartedly. 

     One of the most rewarding things is that Katey now enjoys conversations with some of my former Novi High School students, even visiting Stella Chang, Artist and Designer, in New York City with her girls. (Stella’s business is Moda Révisé- check it out)

    Happy Birthday, Katey. I love you very much, and I’m such a proud “Maman.”