Saturday, November 19, 2016

        OH BUOY, OH BUOY!

     “Buoy” is not a word I have ever used much, but I heard myself use it several times in the past few days. As I began thinking about this word, I realized that this is what the world needs now, “Oh Buoy, Oh Buoy!” We need to buoy all the people we see doing things to cheer on others and all those doing things for the good of their fellow American. Instead of “one ups,” we need to focus on “lift ups.” 

    My daughter, Katey, spends a great deal of time and energy educating parents and students on the dangers of cyber bullying and personal safety. She spent hours on a campaign this week to help prevent accidents when texting and driving. She is buoying so many people with her knowledge, her wisdom and her personal commitment to what she believes.

    I ask myself, “What have I done recently to buoy someone?” Other than supporting and encouraging my friends and family who do kind things, not much. I share my music with others, so I suppose that’s a kind of uplifting activity, and I nurture my friendships by being interested in my friends’ lives and families. I compliment strangers who look nice, and I smile at strangers who look sad. I engage clerks who are obviously bored with their jobs in short, cheerful conversations so when I walk away, they are smiling. If we all do a little, no matter how small, perhaps this will help outweigh all the hate and anger that seems to be sweeping the country.

    On the way home from dinner, I told Mr. Wonderful that every time I have a vengeful thought about someone or something, I am contributing to the National Negative, so I am guilty too. I must counter all such thoughts with my own “Oh buoy!” philosophy. It’s not easy. When people are aggressive, rude, insensitive, hostile, it is very hard not to want to retaliate. When this behavior is repeated often, it is even harder. That’s why my “Oh buoy!” cry is even more important. 

     “Oh buoy, oh buoy!” I must get started today. I must put a sticky note on my dashboard and my mirror to remind me that lifting up is the only way we are going to turn our National Negative into an American Positive. Who can you buoy today?