Tuesday, November 8, 2016


      What does what you talk about say about you? Do you ever think about the topics people discuss? Other than politics, due to today’s historical who-the-hell-knows result, are there topics that engage you most of the time? I would speculate that men talk about sports, and women talk about . . . ???Women talk a lot, men would say, but what do we talk about? Who cares? People like me who love to observe human behavior and try to figure out what makes us all tick, that’s who.

      I went out with a new friend yesterday, and another one a week ago. Both of these women still work. I have been retired for 11 years. Ladies, look at the list of topics covered, and ask yourself how many of them would be on your list of engaging conversations:

1.  Purpose
2.  Networking
3.  Women’s behavior
4.  Women’s income
5.  Personal space
6.  Family of origin’s influence on drive
7.  Drive for recognition

Last week:
1.  Daughters
2.  Ex-husbands
3.  Past romances
4.  Family
5.  Business
6.  Adventures
7.  Endurance and survival

     One may notice there was no mention in either conversation about crafts, cooking, fashion, grandchildren, bridge, gardening, gossip, travel, housework, laundry, working out, and certainly no religion or politics. I am not saying there is any right or wrong to any topic of discussion; I’m just saying that we women who can sit at lunch and talk for an hour or two don’t just talk; we share. But, sharing and connecting is the goal; the topic is just a vehicle. 

     The one bond I have with both of these women is one built on humility. In neither conversation did anyone posture, brag or one-up. There was no interrupting; we listened and responded to what the other said. We encouraged and empathized. We laughed and rolled our eyes in unison. We walked away energized and uplifted. 

     My two new friends will, hopefully, be beacons in my life years from now. I have no idea what religion either of these women embrace or what political party they support. I don’t care. They are my friends, and I will respect their choices as they do mine. How rich I feel this morning to have them in my life.

     What does what you talk about say about you? Do people walk away from you feeling better about themselves, about life, about your friendship?