Thursday, November 10, 2016


     It would be easy this morning to start thinking about how uncomfortable and lost I feel. I could go on and on about feelings I’ve never experienced in my 7 decades on this planet. I could pull the pillow back over my head and pretend Tuesday never happened. If I do that, hate wins. If I do that, the bullies smirk. If I do that, I have lost my voice. I still have a voice, no matter who is running this country. I need to figure out a new way to use my voice. I need to embrace a new challenge that I never would have had to think about: holding tight to all the values I’ve cherished my entire life, taught to my children and modeled for thousands of students. I am holding tight, but I have to turn up my volume on decency, kindness, compassion, understanding, and wholeheartedness.

     Where do I start? 

    “Where this is hate, let me sow love.”  I will not toss the word “hate” around loosely. I will try to show love to everyone I meet whether it be in a grocery store or a concert hall. I will smile more, judge less. I will breathe more, tense less. I will listen closer and not be forming my response before the other person has finished a thought. I will try harder to walk in others’ shoes. I will think of ways each day that I can touch a life. I will say thank you prayers even more often than I do. I try to do all of these things every day, but I will try even harder; I won’t stop. I won’t stop trying to be what I want to see.

     Unfortunately, we aren’t going to get a star on our foreheads every time we do good. We aren’t going to get patted on the back for being kind and compassionate. There are no ribbons for polite and no stickers for kind. There is just a warm feeling in our guts when we know we have touched a life or brought a smile to a frowny face.

       I will think you, not me. I will think them, not us. I will hold tight to Integrity and truth.
How will you hold tight today?