Saturday, November 26, 2016


     Do you ever wonder why you dream what you do? Last night, we went to our local movie theatre. When we entered, the first thing we saw was a row of women in the back row with their feet up on the seats in front of them. They all had bare feet. wtf. Who would want to sit in front of them unless you could figure out a way to tickle their toes to get them thrown out. Mr. Wonderful frowned and said, “Do they do that at home?” “Of course, they do,” I quipped. Do their bare feet get the seats dirty? Probably not. Are they hurting anyone? Not really. Then what’s the big deal? Did anyone ever hear of manners, modesty, decorum? It’s a world of “Anything Goes,” but “It’s (not) De-Lovely.” 

   One lady two seats down from us let out a humongous sneeze without covering her mouth. The couple who had just sat down beside her got up to move. They had to come
back, as there were no more seats. We overheard her say, “No, I don’t have a cold. I wouldn’t be here if I did.” I must admit, I worry about sitting next to people who easily spread germs, so I understood the concern of the couple. When we got up to leave, Ms. I’m-not-sick-I’m stupid left her coffee cup not he floor. She couldn’t have taken it with her and thrown it in the barrel provided? I thought, “Does she do that at home? Does she wait for others to pick up after her? Probably.” “Anything Goes.”

     On the other side of us was a group, apparently, a family, who were all speaking French. As I am a retired French teacher, my ears always perk up when I hear natives. My immediate reaction was to listen and to think of an excuse to speak to them. That goes back to the days when I felt I had to prove to myself how fluent I was. I’m over that so I said nothing. The film had a lot of French subtitles in it, and I even heard myself say, “You shouldn’t look at those; you’re fluent enough to understand without them.” Maybe. Screw it. I took the easy way. I did notice that Brad Pitt’s French accent was pretty lame, and I chuckled when Marian Cottilard’s line in the script was, “Your French is pretty good, but your Parisian accent is awful.” I wonder if that line was added because Mr.Pitt couldn’t quite make it authentic. She is, however, “De-Lovely.”

     The film’s plot was fascinating. Without divulging the best part, I would suggest that part of the story is that we don’t always know the person to whom we are married, or even the people who gave birth to us. Sometimes we miss the signs that are staring us in the face—thus, a 50% divorce rate. Speaking of divorce, I just heard about a couple who have been married 37 years. They decided to call it quits. Nowadays, “Anything Goes.”

     So what does all this have to do with dreaming? Last night, I dreamed of a French double agent who was sitting in a movie theatre with her bare feet on the back of the seat in front of her, and some lady walked by her and threw her empty coffee cup in her lap. What?