Tuesday, December 13, 2016


     Just as bad cops can sned a negative message about all cops, so blabbermouths can give a negative impression of all women. Is it just women who blah-blah-brag-blah? No, but it seems to be more prevalent, at least in my recent experience.

     Yesterday, I attended two women’s functions. At the first where there were about 18 women, most were gracious, polite and pleasant. When it came time to go around the circle to introduce ourselves, the true colors surfaced. Those who, apparently, don’t get an audience at home with their Mr. Wonderfuls, grabbed the floor and held on for dear life. Bringing up topics irrelevant to the group, they blah-brag-blah’d away, and my blood pressure began to rise. Fortunately or not, I had another meeting to attend, so I had to rush away. 

     Walking in at the last minute, I took the only available seat at the luncheon. It was at the end of the table, so there were basically three women in earshot of my position. No matter. The woman across from me started blah-brag-blah-ing the minute I sat down, and she never shut her pie hole. I know her whole life story. I know how many square feet were in her old house, how well her husband plays tennis, how much they saved on their new multi-million dollar home and what allergies she has. Are you effen kidding me? Women like this need to go to Mouth Management School. At 60-something, why haven’t they learned the rules of etiquette or simple common sense. We are not interested. Hello. 

     The real dilemma is what to do about situations like this. My lunch cost $27.12, and I enjoyed about .04 worth. She ruined my experience, and as a result, I doubt seriously that I will join this group. I asked myself, “How many more blah-braggers are in this organization? and why would I spend time and money to belong? Oh, my.

     I really try so hard to be tolerant, charitable, listen attentively, but I continue to run into these people who have no clue as to how rude and annoying they are. Monologue-Mary’s are everywhere. Beware.