Tuesday, December 6, 2016

                                                          BORING PEOPLE

      Some people are so boring. I wonder if they realize just how boring they are? Or do they care? I would like to believe the answer to the latter question is “yes,” but I doubt it. The bottom line is this:  If you’re going to dominate a conversation or talk without allowing me to even react to what you’re saying, please talk about something interesting. I have been in several so-called social communication exchanges over the past week, and I am totally bumfuzzled. (Yes, it’s a word. Look it up). 

     Here is how I read “boring.” You bore me if

  1. you talk for more than several seconds without looking at me
  2. you talk for more than several seconds without realizing that I’m looking at my watch
  3. you talk about inane topics like what you ate for dinner last night or an itemized list of what you will do next week or a blow by blow account of your shopping excursion
  4. you consider yourself an expert on topics about which you know little
  5. you talk about all of your past accomplishments, even those from 30 years ago
  6. you talk about your technical job when you know that no one understands the lingo
  7. you tell me the same story you told me the last three times we were together 
  8. you pause for long periods of time and then talk over anyone who tries to interject a response
  9. you step on me when I’m trying to speak
  10. you one-up intentionally
  11. you one-up because it comes so naturally to you, you don’t realize you’re doing it
  12. you have too many sentences with “and then there was the time,” or “because”
  13. you talk very slowly (like the “Slow Talkers of America”)
14.  you never ask a question
15.  you are uninterested in what anyone else has to say
16.  you believe you are the only one who ever took a marvelous trip or drank a buttery wine

and the list goes on.

     So who am I to judge? I am the one who just spent $200 to entertain you at our home. I am the one who always asks you questions and listens attentively to what you say. I am the one who makes sure to ask you questions about what I know interests you. I am the one who learned that conversation is a two-way street. If it’s only one-way, then it’s called a monologue. Monologuing does not offer a positive, memorable social experience in my book. So many criticize our narcissistic President-elect. Frankly, he simply mirrors the extreme of what some of us do and are, and we are too ignorant to recognize it. 

     Bottom line. I would rather be alone than bored with a BP. I would rather read a book than listen to your grocery list. I would rather sit on a bridge in the sunlight than hear you rant about your aches and pains. I would rather take a nap than listen to you tell me the same story for the seventh time. But the truth is, I must stop asking questions if I don’t want to listen to the 20-minute answers.