Saturday, December 24, 2016

Dear Daddy:

     I thought I’d send you a Christmas love letter on this Christmas Eve, 2016. This year has been a wonderful one for me. I hope you have witnessed it from up there. Yes, I gave the concert of my lifetime in front of 200 plus people, and I was so proud. You were there by my side cheering me on, and I owe my success to your inspiration when I was but three years old.

     The world is a different place since you left us eight years ago. It is not all positive, but I won’t give energy to the negative on this day of celebration. I will tell you some of the wonderful things that have happened and changed. The world is full of devices. You can talk on the phone hands-free in your car, you can listen to music without any electrical outlets on your patio or lanai, you can watch televisions that are the size of your Buick, and you can take photos and send them to your friends in a matter of seconds right from your phone the size of a pack of Camels.

     Our girls are happy and prospering. Katey is traveling the globe educating educators about the latest brain research. She is even giving keynote speeches—something I aspire to do one day. We are very proud of her, and she manages to do this while parenting four little girls under 10. Actually, they are not so little anymore, but I’m so happy to report that we have 4 potential musicians in the family who may follow in our footsteps. Mia on cello (10), Ava on violin (9), Emma on drums (8) and Ella on piano (8). Can you believe it? As a single parent, Katey has her hands full, but she has a special guy whom she manages to see about once a month, so that keeps her happy as she juggles her schedule and her motherly duties. No, she doesn’t cook. Takes after her maman.

     Chris and family are thriving. The boys are all super jocks (17, 14, 12), and Grant is driving and looking at where he wants to go to college. Can you believe it? Ed and Chris are wonderful parents, and Chris manages to continue her therapist career while carting the boys from hockey rink to basketball court. No musicians here, but much energy, wonderful brains and sports talent. Peter is a super hockey star, Grant is a star at all sports as well as academically, and John is a basketball whirlwind and an upcoming salesman. Chris is wonderful about keeping the family connected, and she is 100% heart. She is the kind of mom every kid dreams of. 

     We now live in Florida, your dream for us. Yes, we are living in a home much like yours—small but cozy and lovely. We go to the beach every Sunday morning and eat breakfast at our favorite Creperie. The wait staff hugs us hello and good-bye. I get my friendliness from you, as you always talked to everyone wherever you went. I do too. 

     We attend plays, concerts, lectures, luncheons, parties, and we bike weekly and take rides in our sports car. Life is beautiful, and we are grateful. I only wish you could be here to share it with us. We have not succumbed to the golf thing. I don’t expect that will happen any time soon. Sorry, Dad. I know you’re undoubtedly hitting the links up there, and I imagine your game is steady and consistent as always.

     Well, off to celebrate the holiday with our family. We all love you and miss you terribly, but I know you are in good hands. Stay in touch, as you have.

Much love,