Saturday, December 17, 2016

                                                               HAPPY CLICKS

     Did you know that on your computer keyboard, you have at least five signs to add joy and strength to your day? If you spend more than 30 seconds on your computer, you will see these signs. They can cheer you up, buoy your spirits, offer hope, inspire kindness or put energy into your click. Check them out. Sometimes the signs are right in front of us, and we don’t see them. See these. Use these. Have a great day!


     Look up at night. 
     How can you be one for someone?
     Something important.
     A reminder that you are more than one.
     Add joy to your life.
     Adding something new or exciting can offer a lift.
     Almost there (as in B+)
     Over the top (as in A+)
     Batteries good.
     A tiny cross to remind us of something bigger than us.


     To buy something for someone  you love
     To give to someone less fortunate
     To save in your piggy bank
     To buy a book that will offer an escape, a lesson or new information
      To show enthusiasm
      To show surprise
      To make a positive impact
      To show energy

       To show more than one 
       To indicate there’s someone there besides you
        A hook on which to hang something
        A path to somewhere wonderful