Friday, December 30, 2016

     December is almost over, and 2016 is winding down. Many are bemoaning the fact that we have lost so many celebrities this year. Others are mourning personal losses. Some are celebrating a year of wonderful experiences and memories while others are kicking the year in the buttocks, and counting the seconds until 2017. 

     I have had a wonderful year depending on how I want to frame it. If I look at the things I
accomplished, particularly those things of which I didn’t feel capable, I want to shout “Yay!” from the rooftops. If I look at the negative things, and there are always a combination of both if we’re honest, I can say good riddance to 2016 too. It’s all how we frame it. How do you frame your year? Do you focus on the good or the bad? Is your “bad” as bad as the “bad” of some of your friends? Did your “bad” cripple you or strengthen you? How was your good? Was is “good” or “fabulous?” Did your good serve others? Did those closest to you share it with you? Who was there for your “bad?”

     Framing or focusing can make the difference in how we preserve our memories. If you’re human, you will remember the “bad,” even if you don’t want to. Research has shown that we retain the “bad” even when we try to get rid of it. So how do we frame things positively when we’re trying to peel off the “bad?” 

     If you’re a “glass-half-full” person, I suppose you will always look at the positive. If you’re the opposite, your expectations will not put a smile on your face. I dated a guy who once said to me, “You’re always looking at the bright side of things. When something doesn’t turn out how you wanted it to, you’re all upset. I just look at life like it’s shit, and anything good that happens is a bonus.” Well, there’s a cheerful way to go through life. Sometimes, I must admit, he was right. If I expect too much of a situation and it disappoints, I tend to get discouraged. On the other hand, if I am always expecting the negative, how can I spread joy and laughter. I choose to be disappointed occasionally. As you look back on 2016, what’s in your frame? How do you judge whether it was a good or bad year? What do you say to yourself as you look toward 2017? Are you energized or overwhelmed? Discouraged or determined? Will it be sensational or shitty? Your frame.