Friday, December 2, 2016

            Merry Christmas, and Thank You, Facebook

     Thanks to you, FB, laughter effects, my daily blog and I are several hundred “hits” richer this Christmas. I have at least a dozen new fb friends (former students whom I adore), a small collection of posters that inspire me and allow me to share with other friends on and off fb. I have a small collection of videos that people have posted that motivate me and keep me humble as I watch and listen to stories of those who are no longer with us. I have photos of friends and former students I haven’t seen for years and probably never will. I have a good idea of what side of the political spectrum people stand and why. I smile every morning at random babies, dogs and cats. I marvel at the personal information people share and the language they feel comfortable using. I wince at bad grammar and poor spelling, but I am reminded not to judge, as I am certainly not perfect. I enjoy seeing art work and

(Audra, a former student, beautiful and talented--a successful artist now)
creations by friends who are so talented. The messages of the “regulars” each morning give me food for thought, and I even get a smattering of news from various parts of the country. For my friends, colleagues, acquaintances who are suffering from illnesses, I can readily wish them well and send my prayers. I can compare perspectives of millennials with those of Gen Xers and people as old as yours truly. I learn about the children of my former students and the battles some are waging. I learn things about my hometown that I never would have found in a newspaper. I can listen to excerpts from concerts I missed or couldn’t afford and I learn about new performers I never would have heard. I can watch my daughter’s career take off, as she writes a blog for her job and posts it regularly I can share my own performance events with my fb family so they know I’m alive and kicking. I can keep in touch with many friends from all over the country without having to write each one a letter. (Does anyone write letters anymore?) I think I have one friend who actually sends me notes in her own handwriting. How refreshing!

Thank you, Facebook, for brightening my mornings and keeping me connected. Merry Christmas, Happy New Year.