Monday, December 26, 2016

      On this post Christmas morning, I could expand on any of these, but I will choose #11, my own, which is:  Let's defrown America.

     When you are out and about, your smile guiding your path, look for those whose faces are screwed up into sad, mad, bad, pleated, wrinkled frowns. How can you help them get rid of that face for even a matter of seconds?  Say something surprising to them, like "Have a great day!" or "Boy, you look healthy today!" or "Looks like you're ready for a hot fudge sundae." 

     Sometimes we don't even realize we're frowning. Sometimes it's because we're in mission mode, or we're rethinking a problem, or we're reviewing a recent conversation or planning our next project. The frown doesn't necessarily mean we're mad, sad or bad. And who says we have to walk around with a grin on our faces. That's lame. On the other hand, for those who are temporarily down and out, a kind word can be very uplifting. 

     Have you ever been feeling really insecure or particularly invisible, and some total stranger came up to you and said, "You look so lovely (or handsome) today?" It's amazing what a kind word can do for us just when we are ready to dive into our self-hosted pity party. 

Over the holiday break, random people have given me compliments when I least expected them. A few women complimented me on my winter coat. I never think about what my coats look like, so the surprise was welcomed, and the kindness put a smile on my face. A "Merry Christmas" phone message from a friend far away also reminded me of other kind things he had done for me in the past, and I thought to myself, "I really ought to pass this forward."
Walking down the mall hallway with my daughter who had surprised me for Christmas, I watched peoples' faces light up when she greeted them randomly offering a simple, "Merry Christmas" or "Good Morning. How are you today?"
It takes so little to offer so much. Are you smiling or frowning today?