Monday, December 5, 2016

Ringling Bridge - 2.4 miles round trip on foot. Just far enough to burn off the french toast consumed. Well, part of it.

"Ma Joie" over the Bay. In front of us two police cars had a young woman pulled over. We were curious as to what one little woman did that required two cars full.

Much preparation for the one and only holiday dinner party we are giving. Meal was delicious. Too bad no one ate it.

First preview performance of Gershwin program.
A Foggy Day turned out to be full of sunshine.
 Missing all four of my beautiful grand-daughters. I think my daughter spends more money on photos than on her groceries, but who's counting? These two are growing up way too fast! Love love.

Challenge this week. Get that passage like velvet.

Getting ready to lead the book club discussion about Boys in the Boat. Excellent read, and especially relevant as we have the International Rowing Championship coming here next fall. I have a whole new respect for rowers.

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