Wednesday, December 14, 2016


                  Unforgettable Moments

    As I take my final bite of peanut butter toast this morning at 4:37 a.m., I reflect on the special moments I have enjoyed over the past few weeks. In our busy, preoccupied lives, we don’t always give ourselves the luxury of enjoying the special moments while we are living them. The good news is, however, that we get to reflect upon them at 3:41 a.m. when we crawl out of the nest. This morning it was due to deafening love thunder. 

     Yesterday, I witnessed my friend’s face light up as she read the poem I wrote her. I saw the pride on a woman’s face when I told her how cute her dog was. I laughed as a young college woman described her thrill in purchasing a giant coffee from Starbucks. I could hear the delight in the saleswoman’s voice as she told me that I’d be happy to hear my coat was going on sale, and I could now justify buying it. I am still laughing at the video someone
posted yesterday of a stand-up comic describing  the difference between the male and female brain. Sharing that on Facebook with friends who told me it gave them a kickstart to their day was like reliving the serotonin boost.

     When I hear myself say, “I blinked, and it was Friday,” I realize that although some hours in the day sometimes drag, the days themselves are flying by way too fast. It does help to add an extra 120 to 180 minutes to each day in the wee hours of darkness, but that’s just for over-achiever kumquats like yours truly. The answer to productive living is in the eyes and minds of the person living it. I recall reading one of  Steven Covey’s first books where he described the different categories of accomplishing things based on how urgent they are. The one category that seems to get in everyone’s way is What’s In Front of Us. We can’t very well begin writing our great American novel when the kids have to get to school on time or when we have to be at work before the caffeine kicks in. The trick, according to Covey, is time management and goal prioritizing. Well, this is way too heavy for those of you who are still steeped in slumber,but here is an example based on my To Do List for Wednesday, December 14.

Urgent and Non-negotiable:

Make bed
Wash hair
Water plants
Brush teeth
Prepare for dinner guest

Now some of you wouldn’t even put certain of these on your To Do Lists. Some would even say it takes more time to write it than to do it. Maybe so, but I get great pleasure out of highlighting the completed tasks. Remember, some people don’t have hair or teeth, so they save this time, but it reminds me of my blessings.

Some of you may not care about making your bed. That’s another blog. Some of you are obsessed with staying fit. If you don’t value this, you save a lot of time, sweat and energy. On the other hand, you may not realize that working out multiplies your strength and energizes so you have more time to grow hair follicles. 

     For those who don’t entertain, you save a lot of money, energy and stress. Will the meal taste good? Will the guest have a nice time? Will the salad look pretty? Will the cake cave? All these things can be avoided by having no friends. Just sayin’.

     It’s time to wrap this up. I have some moments to create. I can’t be sitting here philosophizing with y’all. It’s almost 5:00 a.m.