Sunday, December 4, 2016

     Did you miss the laughter effects enlightened message yesterday? Me too. There was no light in the write house. Many people live in the dark, so you folks probably didn’t even notice. For those out there who are waiting for the next profound piece of poetic prose, here you go.

      Poem by “Fifi, la folle”

Twas three weeks before Christmas, and all through the home
not an extra buck surfaced, so here is a poem
There are no red stockings, no hanging with care
you and I know, there’s nobody there.

Not dressed all in fur from my head to my toe
in Florida, there’s not many chimneys, hello
Mr. Wonderful’s cap got shrunk in the dryer
my kerchief got lost in an Uber for hire

As dry leaves before a wild hurricane fly
I look up each day, and pray not to die
I’m havin’ such fun on my bike and in sand
believe me, old Santa, this is promised land.

Now you’ll hear me exclaim as I fade out of sight
“Two or three cosmos would be a delight!”