Wednesday, December 28, 2016




     Is your “armor preventing you from growing into your gifts?” Mine was. Two years ago, I took it off. I felt and still often feel very naked without it. The “no one wants to hear my music” resentment I carried around for years prevented me from making music. For years, I was angry that people would come to our home, see our beautiful grand piano sitting so stately in our living room and never once ask me to play. I never considered that perhaps they felt they were putting me on the spot and were waiting for me to offer. That may or may not have been true, but one day, I just decided “to hell with it,” and I began practicing to perform publicly. I have never been sorry. I took off my armor, and I grew into my gift. Some even say that those of us with talent (no matter how little) owe it to the world to share it. I wasn’t even sure I had talent despite what those who knew told me. I was hiding my talent in my anger. Are you doing this in some way? Are you worrying about what people will say if you make a mistake? Are you afraid to fail? Are you frustrated that your talent is going unnoticed or ignored? Then take off your armor like I did, and share your gifts. We only go around once. We can’t wait until our fingers won’t move or our legs won’t work or our pens dry up. 

      I know of at least two people who have beautiful voices and never sing. I know of talented writers who have given up because no one will publish them. What talent do you have that is sitting there waiting for you to let go of the fear? Unleash your fears, and watch what happens. Maybe the talent you thought you had turns out to be another talent that you wouldn’t have discovered had you not unleashed the first one. Maybe you will meet someone in the process who will change your life. Maybe you will inspire someone in your efforts who will bring joy to our world. Maybe nothing will happen. Nothing will happen if you don’t remove the protective shield. Just do it.