Monday, January 30, 2017

  1. 6 dead in Quebec City shooting | The Press Democrat</...
    QUEBEC CITY — Six people were killed in a shooting at a Quebec City mosque during evening prayers, the president of the center said Sunday. Authorities reported two ... 

         While we were having dinner with a Jewish couple, a gay married couple, and a couple who is poised to go to Cuba in a few weeks, we were unaware of a terrorist attack on a mosque in Quebec City. When we got home and sat listening to the stars at the SAG award show voice their resistance of current immigration policy, I didn’t know that thousands were marching in protest at the airport in my home town. As I read the headlines this morning, getting ready to pick up a close friend at our own local airport, I fear for so many and grieve for the families of the victims and fear the fallout of political policy. 

         What has happened? Has it been brewing for years? How will we find a cure for our own dysfunction? If you have unlimited funds, you can contribute to whichever side you deem worthy. If not, like us, you may feel paralyzed, powerless, vulnerable.


         I never imagined as a young kid playing hopscotch in the streets of Detroit with kids of every ethnic background that I would see a world with so much hatred and vengeance. When we elected an African American Student Council President in high school in the late 50s, I never imagined that racism would still rear its ugly head over 65 years later. When we watched Billy Crystal on stage last week showing a film clip of his tribute to Mohammed Ali, I never dreamed that a friend would say a few days later that he has no respect for actors and would not attend a play at our all black theatre. Oh, my.

         What has become “acceptable “ and “normal” is shocking. When we can’t be friends with people who do not share our political or religious beliefs, we have lost something very precious. 
    I mourn.

         By its very nature, it seems to me that a two-party system is divisive from the start. If you don’t stand behind the “right” one, you are the other’s enemy. Has it always been this way, and I just wasn’t paying attention? And what if you don’t believe in the platforms of either party? Then you’re just shit out-a-luck. 

          I never thought someone’s tweet in the middle of the night could cause a revolution. Who knew? This bird is no longer singing; he is inciting, mocking, provoking. He is choking on his song. His melody is sour and sorrowful.  

          Hmm. This is not a good way to start a Monday. How about that Federer?