Friday, January 13, 2017

     People are fascinating. Occasionally, I don’t like people until I remember that I am people.

     Last night at the theatre, I observed such weird behavior. I find myself shaking my head so often these days, marveling at what people do and say without batting an eye.

     Bottom line:  manners are apparently passé, and you can do whatever you want wherever you want with no questions asked. Rules are made to be ignored, and maturity doesn’t assume common sense.

     During the intermission of the play last night, a woman was lying down in the lobby doing stretching exercises on the floor. Are you kidding me? Ok, so maybe she had back issues, but wouldn’t you want to do that when half the audience wasn’t present? I was waiting for some Yogi to start chanting next. The four grown women behind us talked aloud at the beginning of each act, and the woman down the row who shushed them was shaking her head just like me. These women were dressed in designer clothes and expensive jewelry, so It wasn’t like they didn’t know the finer things in life and the behavior that goes with them. Another woman began coughing during the last act. She was coughing so long and so loud, I wondered when the EMS guy was going to show up and haul her out of the row. Wouldn’t you think that if you had a cough that bad you would stay home, or at least remove yourself from the audience so others could hear? And what about the actors? Don’t they deserve some respect? And, of course, there is always some moron whose cell phone goes off. That happened too. These are not scatter-brained children; these are grown adults who know better. 

     The only word I can think of to describe all this is “decorum.” “Decorum” is defined as behavior in keeping with good taste and propriety. Apparently, “decorum” is out. How sad. 

     Lord, give me the strength to understand ignorance, to feel compassion for narcissism and forgiveness for disrespect. I’m spending an inordinate amount of time praying these days. How about you?