Thursday, January 19, 2017

     My close friend who sent me the video I quoted yesterday about “walking with giants” agreed with me that we both need to aim for a 2017 that will be “epic” and “legendary.” So how do we do that? Hmm. Good question. What do we need? money? time? energy? grit? confidence? courage? I would say, we need all of these, not the least of which is courage to risk—to face failure and say, so what? Why not? Let’s do it.

     “Epic” to me doesn’t necessarily mean I have to accomplish some incredible feat. That would be my first thought, however, and I do plan to do that. “Epic” can mean that we touch lives in a way we never imagined like volunteering for an organization that truly helps people or running for an office where we can do good for the common man. One trap I tend to fall into is wanting to see the results of my giving instantly. It doesn’t work that way. Sometimes an investment of time and selfless action won’t show results for years. As a teacher, I hear from students sometimes 20-30 years later who say that something I said or did still resonates with them. Teachers touch lives daily regardless of why we chose that field. I continue to say “hats off!” to my colleagues who are still giving 200% in the classroom every day. 

     So how will I achieve “epic” in 2017? I will focus, reflect, improve, dig deeper, work harder, sacrifice more for the goal and raise the bar. To do that I will need energy, time, grit, courage, confidence. I will have to remain resolute in my purpose: to touch lives. So how many lives do I have to touch to feel successful? One. One is enough Just think if you could do or say or create something that could change one life for the better, wouldn’t that be awesome?  What if that one life you changed became a life changer? What if that person became a world leader or a spiritual force or a social activist who would be the inspiration for thousands? Yes, one life is enough to work toward “epic.” 

     Am I too old to take on this challenge? No one is too old to live a life of purpose helping others. If that means writing a beautiful piece of music, crafting an inspirational piece of literature, training a service dog or raising money for a worthy cause—it doesn’t matter. What matters is that we use some part of each 24 hours to realize the power we each have to make our world a better, more gentle place. What will your “epic” be? Are you ready to start today? tomorrow? when?