Wednesday, January 18, 2017

     A dear friend of mine sent me a recording last night of a motivational speaker talking about how to make your new year the best ever. He used terms like “epic” and “legendary.” I have to admit that although I don’t read self-help books anymore, I was inspired by those two words. I just said the other day, “I don’t know how many healthy days I have left, so I need to make every day count, and this year’s one-woman show has to be the best ever.” Not much pressure, nope.
But when I saw those two words, I thought, “Yup, the best ever.” As a result of two little words, I am now counting minutes to get to my piano and script. But that wasn’t the strategy that struck me as much as the one he called, “Walk with Giants.” This one validated a concept I’ve thought about occasionally and now am convinced is true.

      Walking with Giants means spending time with people who enlighten, inspire and encourage you. It means avoiding toxic relationships that leave their marks on our hearts, our egos and our faces. It means negative and sad are contagious, but so are joy and excitement. If you leave a friend feeling energized like I did the other day (the one who sent me the video), you are walking with a Giant. Giants can be 4’8”, blond, bald, white-haired or dressed in jeans and a muscle shirt. There is no mold for a Giant, and any of us can be one or find one. It’s just a matter of looking and listening.

     Recently, I have decided to let go of some toxic relationships in my life. These people make me feel less, and there’s no reason to frequent those who need to buoy themselves by diminishing others. I’ve spotted Giants here and there in our new home town, but I am cautious because sometimes the ones that seem like Giants are really small people dressed up big.

      This morning I celebrate a Giant who is undergoing radical surgery. I toast a friend who gives night and day and never asks for anything in return. I salute a friend who is not afraid to reveal parts of herself that are unflattering to make me realize that she is human and vulnerable despite her financial and social success. I take off my hat to a man who has suffered discrimination, unwarranted criticism and oppression but who has never lost his dignity or humility. This morning, I congratulate parents who work night and day to be role models for their children, despite the pressures they must endure in their work and personal lives. Today, I will work harder to be someone’s Giant.