Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Dear Mom:

It has been over twenty years since we lost you. I know that our relationship was never close, but I’ve been thinking about you recently as I am now the age you were when God took you from us. I never thanked you for the gifts you gave me or told you the things I learned from you—not all of them so bad, I find. I hope you and Dad are up there doing your ballroom dance thing. Do you see my wonderful grandmas and aunts occasionally?

Anyway, here’s my list of because of you:

  1. I never liked Frank Sinatra.
  2. I am a pretty decent interior decorator.
  3. I am often the life of the party.
  4. I am always beautifully dressed and never without my stilettos.
  5. I loved my cocktails, even though I can no longer enjoy them
  6. I am assertive with people that don’t matter.
  7. I am respected for what I do.
  8. I don’t cook.
  9. I don’t smoke.
  10. I love Florida.
  11. I love to travel.
  12. I cherish my female friends.
  13. I make sure to spend quality time with my daughters.
  14. I have perfect posture.
  15. I buy clothes that look good on me, not necessarily what is trendy.
  16. I used to love to dance until Mr. Wonderful and I could no longer agree on the steps.
  17. I don’t bowl.
  18. I don’t play golf anymore.
  19. I am very organized.
  20. I don’t cheat on my husband.
  21. I love to laugh.
  22. I laugh often at his same dumb jokes.
  23. I love getting dressed up.
  24. I don’t wear much jewelry, especially no costume jewelry.
  25. I don’t throw things when I’m mad.
  26. I swear to be funny not as much when I’m mad.
  27. I am flirtatious. 
  28. I love attention, especially from the opposite sex.
  29. I yell for my team.
  30. I keep hidden stash.
  31. I loved my career. It was my oxygen.
  32. I like strawberries.

There you have it, Mom. I’m thankful you are up there. It’s crazy down here.