Sunday, January 8, 2017

                                           FILMS NOT TO MISS

     I love movies. Do you? I love them because they entertain me. They take me places I could not imagine, and they evoke feelings I sometimes don’t realize I have. They offer perspectives that I may not imagine, and they take me out of the present and launch me into another era, world or state of mind. Film is an art form, and like music and painting and other art forms, each of us has a personal preference for certain kinds. If we can keep an open mind, however, we might come to enjoy experiences that we never anticipated.  Mr. Wonderful and I have seen several films over the past few weeks, but these two stand out. If you haven’t seen them, I highly recommend them.


     This film is one of the most poignant and raw portrayals of the oppressive life many African American families have lived through the decades. It is a father-son story about a man whose own sports career was limited by his color and how he tires to raise his son to be the man he thinks he himself could have been. It’s more than this, however, as the experiences of his past and the temptations of the present weigh on him as he passionately seeks to do what’s “right” and teach this to his son. Denzel Washington directs  and stars in this raw, realistic look at the dreams and disappointments of a family trying to hold it all together in 1940s New York. The finest role for Washington and a stellar performance by Viola Davis. 


     A fascinating look at three African American women in the 50s who were pioneers in NASA history. This film gracefully introduces the viewer to a trio of strong women who stand up for their beliefs and follow their dreams. It is a true story showing how discrimination did not stop these dedicated, determined women from fighting for what they knew they deserved. A touching story of  the juggling of family and career resulting in the launching of John Glen’s journey into space, this film features Olivia Spencer, Janelle Monac and Tariji P. Henson. Henson was outstanding in her portrayal of Katherine Johnson, a true American hero, whose mathematical genius had a tremendous impact on NASA and the space program, and who received the National Medal of Freedom in 2015. She is still living at 97.

Just for fun, Mr. W. and I review the movies we see using a 1-10 scale considering the following categories:

Over-all Enjoyment

What would you give these two?