Tuesday, January 17, 2017

      Today I have several female friends on my mind. One is sitting on edge waiting to hear about her sister who just got out of 11 days in ICU. My friend is very spiritual, and my prayers as well as those of all who love her are helping her deal with this crisis. My friend has endured her own health crisis, so she knows the pain and agony of waiting. This friend is always there for me, and I am happy I can reciprocate.

     I have another friend who is grieving the loss of a parent as well as worrying about the health of another loved one. She waits too. She knows well the agony of waiting as she has been through devastating crises before. She is one of my strongest friends, and she is my rock when I get anxious about such things.

     I have another friend, a former colleague, who is a day away from surgery. She is scared, but she, too, has endured physical pain and tortuous waiting as she suffers from a disease unrelated to her surgery. She has found strength and support by reaching out and sharing. I know she will get through this, and I am confident that her followers who love her will be there for her in many different ways. She has included me in her support circle, and that means a lot.

     I have another friend who is undergoing treatment for a disease just recently diagnosed. She, too, has endured and played the waiting game in years past with other health crises. She is strong--always distracting her mind and going forward. I have never heard her say, "Poor me." She will beat this, I believe, and I will be there in her corner. I call to ask about her, and she turns the conversation to me.

     I have another friend who was diagnosed with a terrible form of cancer several years ago. She wasn't supposed to last one year, and she's thriving more than 5 years later. She is my role model of strength and endurance. She apologized to me last year for not sending me a thank you card for my prayers. Amazing woman!

     Today, I salute the strong women in my life and the strong women in the world. Watch Hidden Figures, and you will see three women who endured and overcame. Strong women are all around us, and if we look in the mirror, we will probably see yet another one. The best way we can honor such women is to raise our own. I'm proud to say, I have two that are way stronger than me.