Wednesday, January 11, 2017

     I watched history unfold before my eyes last night as our President delivered his farewell address. I was reminded of the legacy he leaves behind which has nothing to do with politics. It has to do with character, dignity and class. 

     First of all, he is an eloquent speaker, regardless of whether you believed he accomplished what he claimed. His rhetoric is polished, grammatically correct, focused and based on fact. His pride in America is obvious, and his humility shines like a beaming light to remind us all how important it is to recognize the beauty of that quality. 

     The poignant moments when he thanked us, the citizens of his beloved country, when he thanked his beautiful wife who so graciously represented our interests and the traits that make America great, and when he thanked his darling daughter and told her how proud he was of her and her sister—those moments will stand out in my memory as well as in the hearts of all caring, compassionate human beings. When he hugged his Vice-President, now like a brother (Biden, white, Obama, black) there was no color; just respect, dignity and love.

     He never stooped to criticize his successor and emphasized how he would insure a smooth transfer of power, and he promised to stand with us as a citizen, the most important person in any election. He transferred the power to us and reminded us that if we are unhappy with a situation or an elected official, we need to get up off our couches and take action. In other words, whining doesn’t win. 

     I was brought to tears as I watched him model compassion, strength, integrity, brilliance, dignity and respect. I am proud that he was my President. Thank you, Barack Obama.