Sunday, January 22, 2017

While the media was counting marchers all over the country, I was listening to African American educators talk about what they’re doing to help boys of color succeed.

While news anchors discussed the Sean Spicer rant, I was  listening to educators deliver strategies on how to create a “cause and a crew” for boys of color.

While celebrities decried the threat to women’s rights across the globe, I watched my daughter educate teachers and administrators on how to intelligently supervise their children’s social media.

As protests erupt across Europe, I ask myself, “What can one person do to keep one’s emotional and political balance in a time of social unrest?”

When Narcissism no longer raises eyebrows and bullying is no longer front page news, what will we have gained by this raw conversation?

Last night, as I sat at a dinner table with more testosterone and Mensa potential than I could ever have imagined, I learned that there are many worlds with which I am unfamiliar. There are unknown heroes working long hours every single day to make things better for those in need. I learned that sharing our stories good and bad connect us and help us focus on a solution that works for the good of all. This morning, I feel like an ant at the bottom of Mt. Everest looking up and wondering where to start. Maybe we have to crawl before we can climb. Maybe we have to fall and pick ourselves up thousands of times. Maybe the fact that we thought we had already made it at least half way there and fell backwards doesn’t matter.  Maybe we will only get half way there again, but we must start somewhere, and the more of us that approach the mountain together; the easier it will become. There is no choice. We have to look up, take a deep breath, strap on our backpacks full of compassion, tolerance, forgiveness and hope, and take the first step.