Wednesday, January 25, 2017

      Do you have a “Scarlet O’Hare” compartment in your brain? I have decided that those things  which I don’t want to confront or even think about need to go into a compartment so I can move on with my day. If I think about the lab tests I have to take at the end of the week or the fact that I have overspent on my charge card or that I have to make an uncomfortable phone call, the butterflies start fluttering. So I shove all those thoughts into the “Scarlet” closet and lock the door. “I’ll think about that tomorrow.”

     In a lecture I heard last night, the woman said, “What we focus on gets bigger.” I tried that on my boobs, but it didn’t happen. I guess it depends on what we are focusing our attention. I do know that if I’m obsessing about something negative, it gets all blown out of proportion, and the reality is never as overwhelming as the anticipation.

     The speaker last night spoke about her Aunt Josie who just turned 101. Her doctor said when he checked her pacemaker, “You’ve got a good seven more years there.” When asked why she didn’t put her teeth in for her birthday pictures, she said, “My teeth are in there; they’re just invisible.” And when someone whined about something, she would just shrug and smile. Wow. What a legacy this woman leaves. We all need a little “Aunt Josie.” I’m sure she had a “Scarlet” closet. Maybe she even wrote the script.

     Do you know an Aunt Josie? Is there an opposite in your life? Do you have relatives or friends who mope around only seeing the bad stuff and whining about things that may never happen? If so, watch out. These people let off poison fumes which can taint our positive mindsets. They are toxic. Trust me, negative is contagious. This is not to say that life is perfectly rosy all he time. The point is how we want to face our days: hopeful or with dread. I admit, it’s easy to be cheerful when you’re 100% healthy, your bills are all paid, and your loved ones are constantly praising you. The reality is, that we all take our turns with bad luck, health concerns, financial blips and anxiety. The bottom line is how we react to them. 

     Who do you need to avoid in your life? What do you need to put in your Scarlet closet? What can you do to be an “Aunt Josie?” On what are you focusing? How is that working for you?