Monday, February 6, 2017


     No, these are not the stats for a pear-shaped woman. These are the stats that teach us a very obvious message, if we choose to recognize it. The message is: persevere, persevere, persevere.

     The recent Super Bowl victory by the New England Pats was much more than a team of determined athletes to win the prize; it was a message for doubters—a lesson for those who abandon hope when hope is always within reach. Nice easy “pat” ways to lead your life, but this all sounds so trite. Yeah, right. Never give up. Yeah, right. NEVER GIVE UP!  

     As four of us sat on our couch when the score was 28-3, we all looked at each other and said, “There is no way they can pull this off!” By the fourth quarter, my gregarious friend and I began chatting, as we figured there was nothing else to watch. Wrong. We took a breath, and lo and behold—the score changed. “How did that happen?” I cried. From that point on, we ladies shut up and watched a football game that will go down in history. Minute by minute, we found our spirits soaring as our team came back to life. How did they do that? It was more than Brady. It was more than Edelman. It was more than Belichick. It was the power of focus and perseverance. 

     So how can we apply this to our lives for the next 72 hours? We can post the above stats on our mirrors. We can paste them to our pillows. We can write them with markers on our arms. But can we really sustain the momentum of “keep on trying” day after day? When Brady broke down in tears, I could feel the tension release, the “yes, we did it!” the “I wasn’t so sure.” 

     What’s on your agenda this week? Are there things you need to endure that you’re not sure you can? Are there projects that need that extra “overtime?” Are there problems that need resolving, and you’re ready to give up? Are there challenges that you face where you’re wondering if you have what it takes? Well, maybe 34-28-72 will give you that extra push—-that last breath of adrenaline that will plunk that leather across the line. What do you think? Can you keep the stats in your head for the next 72 hours?

     This week I am facing some huge challenges. I ask myself, “Am I at 28-3? Can I get to the tie? Can I carry the ball to the end zone?” We’ll see.