Saturday, February 18, 2017

                                    GIVING BACK

In this day of taking, taking, taking, I would like to focus on giving back. Here are some of the things on my give-back list:

  1. the chartreuse towels trimmed in mohair given to me by my Aunt Mabel.
  2. the bronchitis offered up by the clerk at the lingerie counter.
  3. the plaid wallet given by my Grandma in 1953.
  4. the 8”  fake-ruby broach handed down by my great Aunt Sadie (age 103) from the “home.”
  5. the ability to sprout wrinkles before the age of 40 from some distant relative with a wicked sense of humor
  6. my double-jointed thumbs.
  7. my ability to lose my temper in a matter of seconds from who-knows-who.
  8. my talent for gaining weight as soon as I spy a donut.
  9. the 471 freckles that cover my body.
  10. the 3 cowlicks that grace my crown.

This is not to say that I am not grateful for what has been given to me. I am most grateful that I can remember the above list and can still spell cowlick.