Wednesday, February 8, 2017


                                                       ALL HAIL, KALE!

     With politics devouring 2/3 of every newspaper, news broadcast and Facebook page, it is hard to come up with something engaging for my readers. I ask myself, “How can I inspire, motivate or connect with people who are throwing tantrums, grieving what they believe to be the demise of our country or terrified by recent political cabinet appointments? What on earth will distract them from the negative pall that has come over our land?” I know. Let’s talk about kale.

     What’s with this kale epidemic? I’m in a kale conundrum. Everywhere I go, kale is there spreading its leafy cloak over every salad. You can’t order a good old caesar salad at the trendy eateries anymore—it’s Kale Caesar. If you ask the wait person to give you romaine instead, he or she will look at you like you’ve just burned the American flag. Where has this green giant been hiding all these years when we have wigged out on the wedge and gone merry with the Maurice? 

     Ok. I’ve done some research. Forget the taste of this “Queen of greens.,” which has been around since 4 BC. So did someone just find a Kale farm in Tasmania and decide to make a quick buck on peoples’ “I’ll-try-anything” agendas? Taste is unimportant when we realize that this veggie is a nutritional powerhouse. 

                                      One cup has 36 calories (weight watchers dream).
  One cup has 88% of the RDA of Vitamin C.
  Kale is a powerful antioxidant.
  Kale has been called “the new beef” as it has more iron than a cow.
  There is absolutely no fat in kale (not surprising—fat has taste).
                                       Kale has 5g of fiber per serving (no one can say you’re full of. . . )
                                       Kale is good for your bones.
    And the list goes on.

      You can disguise the “Queen” by creating kale smoothies, kale chips, kale cookies. Let me count the ways. Ugh. 

     All right. It’s good for the liver. Now there’s the clincher. For those of you wine lovers out there, this is your go-to alcohol antidote. Just sip and chew, folks, and you’ll be healthy as a horse, well, maybe a cow. All hail, Kale!