Monday, February 13, 2017

     Everyday we start with a blank page, regardless of whether we are bloggers. Our page is totally blank. Before we write our To Do list on it, it occurred to me this morning that maybe I should think about what kind of day I would like this to be instead of what I’m going to accomplish. Hmm. What kind of day do I want this to be? If I want it to be memorable, I must do something worthy of remembering it. If I want it to be exciting, I must create something worth jumping up and down about. If I want it to be calm, I need to make my To Do list short and not frenetic.

     Today, I would like to have a calm, relaxing, inspirational day. I would like to be inspired, not try to inspire someone else. I want to put off doing mundane things like cleaning, buying groceries, doing errands and talking on the phone. I want this to be a velvety smooth day so that  when I get back in my snuggy at 10:30 p.m., I can breathe a sigh of peace and joy.

     So, how will I do this? I will put no more than 5 simple things on my To Do list—things that require no serious thought and no physical effort. I will consciously stop and just breathe several times. I will read something that will help me frame my calm. I will not spend more than 30 minutes total on this computer surfing, emailing or shopping. I will spend time in nature just being, not doing. I will walk around the house and think about the material possessions that really mean something to me. I will look at them and smile. I will get on my knees and pray for those who need prayer and ask for strength to deal with whatever unexpected issues may come my way. I will talk slower and softer. I will smile even when no one’s looking. I will let go of any worries that aren’t life-threatening. I will not judge myself too harshly if I can’t do all this the first time around.

      Wow. Can I really do this? Could you?